Crafted by Talia

Maybe you don't want your name to blast and you want something sweet and subtle, here is the initial rings, whether it be yours or someone else's that you adore or even love. The initial rings are super cute and easy to wear.
Sizes: adjustable
Color: gold and silver

Love and B

Love and M

Love and V
<3 Talia

I was asked if I could make ear cuffs that say things, and apparently, I can! So here they are! Names, initials, or just a cuff.

Personalized name ear cuff

Initials ear cuff

Basic ear cuff

<3 Talia

Everyone loves and hates LOVE. It's a fine line between love and hate. I love it. It goes both ways.
Here is the collection of hearts and love rings, that I've made. You can choose to show your love and hate for it by switching around the placement of your rings. You can chose to love someone one day or show you hate them the next, lol.
Sizes: all sizes vary and are adjustable so you can switch between fingers and finger placement.
Colors: gold and silver

Single heart ring

F love rings

Double hearts ring

Love ring, heart rings