Crafted by Talia

When I thought of monograms, I knew initials, but I came across a custom monogram I just had to try.  Which is the definition of monograms, combining two or more initials to create one symbol.  It's funny because when you do that with the initials of loved ones, you create a family.  Whether it be two loved ones about to wed; husband and wife with their children; mothers and their children; or even the best of friends.  Its an unbreakable bond, a unique symbol to represent you as a whole.  This was my first shot at a custom monogram for Tracy, that included the initials of herself, C, J, and D.  It was so great to be able to be a part of something so special in creating this piece.  I hope to be able to make much more!

Here are some pieces that I have made.
love "B"

 love "M"


upper and lowercase "A"

Happy Friday Everyone!

Love preview was a hit! There were so many amazing and creative vendors that attended one if which who hosted. Victoria of Serum No5. She did a wonderful job on the event.  There were so many great vendors that I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to do my own review and photos of everyone! I licked out because my sister did take photos of my booth, otherwise I would have ended up with none!  So thank you so much sister! However, I'm a klutz and didn't get photos of the gorgeous model that showcased my jewelry!! (I know!!!) 

Here was the coverage for my table.

That's as much as I got for my booth. 

It's so great to have wonderful friends who come out to support you.  Thank you guys!

Doing custom orders on the spot for my wonderful customers. 

Working hard!

Got a picture with the amazing person who hosted this all and Viv from Papers and Peonies

A special thanks to my sister who helped me through the entire event. I would have probably died if she wasn't there. Lol. 

Look who made it on a shirt!!! My work! I have to say, Imking's work is innovative, original and absolutely mind blowing. They're work is beyond creative and always outside the box. I'm so lucky to be able to have a custom order piece featured in one of their amazing designs. Check out, where you can get this shirt, and many other items that are must haves.

Imking Shirt - Thirty

Oscar "creepin" ring

Custom "imking" Ear Cuff

It was a pleasure and honor to be able to work with Imking.  

-taLia <3

For collaborations, questions, or custom designs email me or contact me throught etsy at

So on a random search, I came across so many amazing outfits that came out of a men's dress shirt.  I had to try it for myself! I wanted to make one for myself, but I didn't get to because I couldn't find the one I wanted.  I took one of the shirts that my hubby was going to throw out, and fashioned it into a dress for my daughter with the help of a tutorial from  She gives you a pretty thorough how to on making the dress! Trust me, I wish I had thought of this myself! SO, now I know I can do so many things with guy's old shirts! There is much more to be made guys! So many different styles, and options to choose from.  Dress shirts aren't the only things that can be transformed! stay tuned for more!

From men's to Toddler

Styled with a thin brown belt

find the pattern and detail instructions HERE

I have to admit.. I am a sucker for simplicity.  I find it amazing for people to be able to mix and match like it's nobody's business.  But I feel I cannot do it for the life of me.  So, sometimes, I just like to keep it simple.
The best part about this, it's also a look for less.  You can find different ways on how to style it from Joann at  She has pieced the items together just amazingly effortless.
So here's me, being as simple as I can and I absolutely love it!

photo from

Here it is guys! It's Brooklyn Harper's Grand Opening on November 2, during the Santa Ana Art Walk! It's from 6PM-9PM and there will be lots of other vendors there too! Appreciate art at its finest along with shopping by its side! Brooklyn Harper is all about individuality that is full of culture and diversity embracing the world of fashion and lifestyle.  They are located in Downtown Santa Ana at 210 E 4th St. Unit A.  I have been given the opportunity to work along side them as a vendor during this momentous occasion for them. So come and support Brooklyn Harper's Grand Opening!

I searched long and hard for the right setup for me.  Tablescape isn't as easy as it looks.  I tried my best to find what screamed TALIA!?!?! and this, is what I came up with! 

The finds were amazing! I got the vintage samsonite suit case set from craigslist! Well, everything practically came from craigslist.  LOL.  Patience is a virtue! Let me tell you, you really have to be patient to get the right and best deal! Also, when you can, BARGAIN! =D