Crafted by Talia

I decided to dabble tonight.

I had the opportunity to go to a "gem faire" and although as much as I would love to blog about it with photos and such, I can't. They don't allow photography of any kind in there. There were many vendors and boy did they have things to sell! Gems!! Rocks!! All sorts of goodies!!! I didn't get to spend all the time in the world there but I came out with some stuff. Here is the first of many or.. the first of few. LOL. Enjoy.

Chain Ring Handpiece

and for its close up

<3 Talia

After making the first set of ear cuffs I figured I can make an earring! So here it is! My newest set of earring chained ear cuffs! These are cute and of course simple. I love simplicity! There is a couple more to come with the infamous "basketball wives spikes!"

I'm eggggg-cited!!! Can't wait to get the spikes to make and show you all what it'll look like.

An overview of the ear cuffs

Gold chained ear cuff with dangling gem triangle

Silver double studded chained ear cuff

gold triple chained ear cuff

<3 Talia

Couples need love too. I never really thought of making a couples necklace till someone suggested it and then I decided to make it a little different.

Instead of just straight across I figured i could make it multiple lines. Also, I could give it the appearance of chaining it to the other name.

So here it is, couples necklace chained together. You could also think of it as two names, linked my chains, love, bound to one another, your pick.

An overview

The deets

Mich & Steven

<3 Talia

Double rings are always fun, here are a few personalized double rings. These were recently made and turned out great. They are adjustable, of course so switching them to different fingers is possible.

Gold Double Ring: Madden <3

Rose Gold Double Ring: Beau <3

<3 Talia