Crafted by Talia

Making this Tea Party was a lot of fun.  I wanted Zoey to have a mixture of princess added to her Tea Party.  Everything was handmade or DIY.  It did take some time, but well worth it.  Every girl was a princess running around in the park with their crowns, pearls, and tutus.  It was so cute.  Zoey had a blast.

Tutus for all

Custom Name Tags

Top Hats, Crochet Bow Ties, Monocles, Tiaras, and Pearls!

Desert Table (the display is a corner flower shelf)

BackDrop for the Dessert Table

Vase for her little cake

Dessert Table: 
Candy Vases
Jell-O Parfait Cups

Custom Frame
Custom Vase for Cake

If you enjoyed the last set of statement necklaces, I believe you'll love these just as much!  The necklaces vary from a softer statement to a WOW.  They can definitely be the piece to make your simple outfit POP.  For me, I'm pretty simple when it comes to my outfits and accessories, and being able to have a big statement piece to give it the right touch is great!  It really takes any simple outfit to the next level with ease.
You can find these necklaces at my storenvy shop! Or you can just click the buttons below to purchase.




I happen to be one of those people that enjoy playing a sport more than watching.  I'm not a super sports fanatic.. (unfortunately, I don't know how to be)  One year, I finally found the sport I absolutely love to watch, and of course when going to the games, its even better! The hype of being there makes it so much more great.  I LOVE HOCKEY! I'm a Ducks fan!

Ducks Bangle

So, I figured! Why not support my team with something I made myself!

This is a slip on bangle.  Cute huh!?  I had to incorporate the logo from the shirts, I felt it made it stand out more than just having it say, "ducks"  Can't wait to wear to a game next season!!

For those of you who are taking photos of your items for sale, or for show photo quality is key.  Yes my phone is simple and convenient, but let's face it.  It doesn't cut it.  Of course I, like many are on a budget and can't bust out professional equipment or pay for someone to take my photos for me.

I've come to realize that no matter how I look at it, the jewelry I make is an extension of me, and what inspires me is what makes the jewelry I make, what it is today. 

I love simplicity. No matter what I do, I seem to be simplistic. Even if I try to go outside my boundaries, I'm pretty simple. From the makeup, the clothes and the jewelry I wear.  If you're like this, it's okay! If you don't ever accessorize and want to but not too sure on what or how, I've definitely been there before. My style is still simple but what and how you accessorize can change that.  The jewelry I make is simple or the other thing I like, has an edge to it.   

For the day. Black jeans, white tank top, black blazer, and flats.  I have a two year old I have to chase around!!!  Heels during the day is completely out of the question with this one, but that doesn't mean I can't dress stylish or cute!

I'm wearing the following pieces made by me (selling on my etsy) 
which is also featured on Joann's blog in her post "Steal vs. Splurge"

A cute necklace is always great to have.. Having a beautiful necklace is another thing, but a beautiful, amazing, statement necklace is what we're looking at right now! has amazing statement necklaces that are absolutely gorgeous! The necklaces can give you an edgy look or even elegant! So inspired by their amazing work, I had to get my hands on my own to share.  Meet my new girls:

Ailette - $60

Cleo - $65

Patra $60

Helena - $75

All of these pieces are available. You can contact me for orders.

Here it is contestants! This giveaway's prizes will be a double ring of your choice of word or name.  Or you may choose one of the following: faith, hope, live free, love life.

This beautiful new item from Craftedbytalia: Lovers Bolo necklace. 

And.... Yes.. There's just one more thing. 
A set of stacked flat rings.  

To enter you must do the following: 1. Follow @craftedbytalia on Instagram and Facebook ( 2. Repost the image tagging @craftedbytalia and #craftedbytaliagiveaway 
This valentine's Giveaway ends on 02/09/2014.  The winner will be chosen at random and all contestants must be U.S. Residents. 

Good Luck Everyone!

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Inifinity Symbol with "s" initial

When you're looking for something small, dainty, cute, and not too bulky! This is definitely the go to necklace! I made this out of inspiration of a friend who told me she wanted something small, simple and above the collar bone.

Of course, I couldn't help myself and made a whole series of dainty necklaces, and then started adding from there.  These are my versions of dainty necklaces.. and of course! they are available on my Etsy shop.