Crafted by Talia

If you enjoyed the last set of statement necklaces, I believe you'll love these just as much!  The necklaces vary from a softer statement to a WOW.  They can definitely be the piece to make your simple outfit POP.  For me, I'm pretty simple when it comes to my outfits and accessories, and being able to have a big statement piece to give it the right touch is great!  It really takes any simple outfit to the next level with ease.
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I happen to be one of those people that enjoy playing a sport more than watching.  I'm not a super sports fanatic.. (unfortunately, I don't know how to be)  One year, I finally found the sport I absolutely love to watch, and of course when going to the games, its even better! The hype of being there makes it so much more great.  I LOVE HOCKEY! I'm a Ducks fan!

Ducks Bangle

So, I figured! Why not support my team with something I made myself!

This is a slip on bangle.  Cute huh!?  I had to incorporate the logo from the shirts, I felt it made it stand out more than just having it say, "ducks"  Can't wait to wear to a game next season!!