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Several years ago, I came across this artist who I thought was amazing. His stuff is kinda on the dark side, but his work is amazing. All the things aren't dark, but it definitely makes me wonder where he came up with this stuff and what's going on in there!!! He makes me LOL! I definitely thought that when I went through the Tim Burton Exhibit.
Check out Endling from

Hahaha..sometimes this is how I feel with my lover.

Who doesn't feel like this???

Cute right!? And.....slightly disturbing! But I love it!! (don't judge me...)

When I take photos, I tend to go trigger happy! =D it's okay! You're bound to get several good shots and sometimes that's all you need. Not only that people may not like what you chose and choose a different shot. Sometimes it sucks, but it's okay. "to each their own," right? I use different poses and shots for me and the person I shoot for choose the ones they like. Sometimes, I get to choose the ones I send to them.
I have to take just as many shots when a kid happens to be a part of the picture.
I did a shoot for my friends and their son,or should I put sun. Technically they do revolve around him. Lol.
It was a lot of fun and he was an absolutely adorable little guy.

P.S. I'm still working on poses. I think that's a work in progress, but I like it to be as natural as possible. I'm not shooting an exotic super model, although they are my super models for the day! I'll have to elaborate more on this another day.

I started in this hobby quite fast, learning everything I could possible. They say "better keep your day job," so I did. Reading photography tips, blogs, articles, and books can only take you so far. It's better learned through experience than anything else. Don't be discouraged, it takes practice... A lot of it!! It doesn't hurt as a hobby and if you get good at it, make some side cash right??? I think I'll stick to the hobby part a bit longer.

Taken at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa. Using my nifty fifty (I love that thing!!) wait till you see my 85mm. ^_* Traded off taking photos after they did my preggers shoot.

Camera: canon 50D
Lens: 50mm 1.8

This was my attempt to do newborn photos with my daughter. I think i Did pretty well! I used my nifty fifty. And just a black blanket behind daddy letting natural light in through a window.
For the photos with the feet I put the black blanket around daddy's hands and baby to hide them. I lowered the shutter speed a little more to get more a dramatic effect.
Shutter speed: 5.265(apex)
FStop: 1.8
Lens: 50mm
ISO: 250

One of my first attempts at photography.
I've been at this for some time now.  Whether its trying to blog, photography, some form of art from pencil drawings, pastels, web design, graphics, scrapbooking and even crochet!!! its all come down to, i have to many hobbies and i'm not sure which or what i'm good at.  I try, and i guess that's what counts.  I know blogging is definitely not a forte of mine, nor is writing in a diary.  I'll try and make this as much as possible as a letter.  Well, minus the fact that my letters turn into mini novels and i'm all over the place in those -__-'
Here goes tho... one of my first photos.  No post production besides the frame and watermark.  I started off small.  I took this photo with an Olympus E-300.. i think.  Shutter speed probably around 5 seconds i cant remember.  LOL.  it was that long ago. maybe like 2 years. HAHA It was stock lens and also the ISO at 200.  subject is Joann from