Crafted by Talia

One of my first attempts at photography.
I've been at this for some time now.  Whether its trying to blog, photography, some form of art from pencil drawings, pastels, web design, graphics, scrapbooking and even crochet!!! its all come down to, i have to many hobbies and i'm not sure which or what i'm good at.  I try, and i guess that's what counts.  I know blogging is definitely not a forte of mine, nor is writing in a diary.  I'll try and make this as much as possible as a letter.  Well, minus the fact that my letters turn into mini novels and i'm all over the place in those -__-'
Here goes tho... one of my first photos.  No post production besides the frame and watermark.  I started off small.  I took this photo with an Olympus E-300.. i think.  Shutter speed probably around 5 seconds i cant remember.  LOL.  it was that long ago. maybe like 2 years. HAHA It was stock lens and also the ISO at 200.  subject is Joann from


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