Crafted by Talia

Making this Tea Party was a lot of fun.  I wanted Zoey to have a mixture of princess added to her Tea Party.  Everything was handmade or DIY.  It did take some time, but well worth it.  Every girl was a princess running around in the park with their crowns, pearls, and tutus.  It was so cute.  Zoey had a blast.

Tutus for all

Custom Name Tags

Top Hats, Crochet Bow Ties, Monocles, Tiaras, and Pearls!

Desert Table (the display is a corner flower shelf)

BackDrop for the Dessert Table

Vase for her little cake

Dessert Table: 
Candy Vases
Jell-O Parfait Cups

Custom Frame
Custom Vase for Cake