Crafted by Talia

The Elephant Parade!! My sister said "lets go see the elephant parade!!" I did not expect this. It was beautiful and uberly cute!! I loved it!! It was done to raise awareness of the Asian Elephants.  The Elephants were scattered around the grass and beach area making it like a walking parade! (obviously, we were doing the walking) It was well worth it, to enjoy such artwork and creativity not only by the artist herself but by local students who joined in, and painted their own elephants.

my fave! so qq!!

we weren't really prepared for the beach so we compromised. LOL. 
always on your toes!

-TaLia <3

Searching for inspiration I came across an article on Glamour by Fawnia Soo Hoo.  It featured ear bling like no other. I've seen ear cuffs with chains, feathers, and such, but none like this.. So I wanted in on it too. So here it is.. An ear cuff, ring... Cover...? All in one.

from used in the Dries Van Noten show

it inspired me to make these. ^_^

 Glamorous but Edgy! 
Be careful with what you whisper in this ear!

Simple and classy ^_^

Ear Cuff/Earring
Made with glass gems
20Gauge Sterling Silver Plated Wire

For either of these pieces you can message me for details on how to get it. ^_^

I made this for Jo from  It's her personal statement piece.  It literally is a statement piece.  It did take some time to make because along the whole way I was hammering away.  It gives it a different look when its hammered which I love.

A tribute to the Hash-taggers too! Have your jewelry say something!

18Gauge Gold Plated Wire
16" chain

20Gauge Gold Plated Wire
Want a custom necklace or Ring!?  

A twist on the EKG, here is my flatline necklace. Either way, it's super cute! The necklace featured is a little high. Normal length, is 16".  I made this because I already have the EKG and have been wanting to do this for some time. I hope you like it as much as I do!

The Original EKG Necklace

The FlatLine EKG

A perfect touch to my outfit.

18gauge gold plated copper wire
Hammered flat
16" necklace chain

To finish off your outfit with an EKG Necklace!

Here it is ladies!!! my silver wrapped spike ring!!! I had a flash of inspiration in the middle of the night, and couldn't wait to make it the next morning! I have yet to take it off!!! I've worn it days straight because I absolutely love it!
My IG post compilation!
mixing and matching with gold rings! stacking and combining!

Sterling Silver Plated Wire Wrapped Spike Ring

Ring Details:
Sterling Silver Plated Wire
Ring Size varies
Metal Spiked Cones

Want this in your collection!? 

Little cute rings and all sorts of them.  I went on a little binge making rings! Thinking of different things to have and offer. More is available and the possibilities are pretty endless with the right creativity. If there is something here you like you can send me a request or find get it on etsy! Here: My Etsy Shop

Cuff Ring, and Stacked Rings.

Stacked Rings, Diamond Ring, Infinity Ring, and Wrapped circle Ring

All the items on this page can be found on Etsy! remember! custom work can be done too! and if there's something you want made specifically, It most likely can be done! I love bringing ideas to life!

I've been so hesitant, petrified, worried, afraid, you name it, I AM IT. lol but I knew that I should one day start.  So here it is, I finally started and ....

with my first item available.  LOL, I need to work on the other posts of everything I have. Its more work than I could ever have imagined!

The post is on my Sutura Ring.  ^_^ a sutured heart for the unbroken heart.  For those who have healed from a loved one, by someone new! a shown appreciation for what we all think is the impossible to be proven wrong that it is possible to mend a broken heart.  To love again, once more, and more than we could ever imagine.

Sutura Ring

Ring can be worn normally or as a knuckle ring.

Ring Deets:
Gold Plated Copper Wire manufactured in America
Ring Sizes: Vary

Interested in the Sutura Ring??

I always wanted to do something with these, after all, I have lots of them! Instead of letting these go to waste, they make wonderfully amazing, yet very cool accessories! It definitely is a process too! I have been wanting to make things specifically for men too, and how much more manly can this get? LOL.

we took the liberty of making sure the bullets were no longer live. ;P

Bullet Tie Bar made from previously fired live rounds.

Bullet Cuff Links made from previously fired live rounds