Crafted by Talia

This is a leather and bulky chain bracelet. You get to pick which is your side to show. Leather or Chain.

Left: dark blue leather
Right: beige leather

<3 Talia

There's apparently so much you can do with creativity. Jewelry can be endless. I make what I like. What I love. I'm happy with everything that I've done so far. Here is my version of the wire woven ring that I have completed and am absolutely happy with my end result! I can make it in other colors, I just haven't yet.

Hand Woven Wire Ring.
Left: 20g
Right: 24g

<3 Talia

I like the way paracord bracelets look and the shambala bracelets too! Surprisingly enough they are extremely similar. So lucky for me! I figured it out a long with lots of other things I will soon show! Colors are extremely limited right now! Because I was unsure about it all, but now that I'm more confident. I'll probably be on the hunt for more colors! Plus it's the season for gifts, so I'm on a crafting spree. ^_^

white with black beads and metal clasp

white and black with black circular wooden beads
More to come!
<3 Talia

I hope this will help you to be able to enjoy your purchase a little more.
I was looking for a great gift for the cousins and my nephew.  Now a days with the kids wanting ipads and iphones, and anything thats over $400 its really hard to compete or afford anything like that! 

This tablet at biglots was $78!! i did what research i could before purchasing and to be honest was pretty apprehensive on the purchase.  All in all, i'm extremely happy with it.  Perhaps i had little hope for it and that's why i'm pleased, but after fiddling with it and reading up on quite a few forums, i'm getting it to do what i want, without rooting.  Even, little does my nephew know as he's testing this out and playing with it, its his.  

Its not an iPad for sure.  I didn't have to root it.  I've successfully installed amazon appstore, netflix, and youtube.  So far there is no issues with any.  Netflix doesn't have a big lag like some users i've read had and i didn't have to do that update that others had.  The amazon app i had issues with from the one downloaded through the amazon website.  At first i would log on fine, use it for 10 minutes and then after that when going back to the app after leaving it shortly i would only get a black screen, with a search bar at the top.  Nothing worked.  I then had to delete all data, then log back in.  Annoying, much?  

If you're looking for it to do just these little things, and you're not computer savvy like others.  (i've never rooted anything in my life)  Also, with rooting comes issues like jailbreaking, and i'd rather stay away from the hassle and issues i've read that others have had after rooting.  I do know that some don't have the same issues, its different with everyone.  I just get to stay away from it all.  

what i did was had to search for *.apk files of the programs but slightly older versions for the tablet.  after that everything worked perfect for me.  I did copy all files over and then install.  I am not responsible for anything that you do decide to do though, if you take my advice.  

Here are the links I used:
Amazon Appstore
Slideme Appstore - you have to unzip before you copy over.

I hope this helps anyone out there who wants to enjoy their cheap purchase to make it just that much more worth while!

We didn't have very much room for a crib or toddler bed when Zoey was born. So we opted to use a play pen or now-a-days is called a "pack n' play." it worked out fine till we figured out she hates being confined in it. I began to look for convertible cribs or toddler beds and they're just as expensive! So I wondered if I made it, would it be any better or cheaper!?
I love projects! I love DIY! (although I get sad when my DIY doesn't turn out pretty.)
This is what resulted after my search and I'm quite happy with the results! Not only does it fit perfectly where her pack n' play was but it looks cute and was extremely affordable!!!
Luckily my brother decided to put this part together, so I didn't have to!

This is where I came in. Stuffed the outside with batting.

Covered it with upholstery fabric. I chose a soft fabric too.

And voilĂ !!

Sooooo QQ!!!

You can get instructions from Design Mom. This actually only cost me about $18 because we had all the wood laying around. We have a fairly local fabric store that was pretty cheap. For her bed I only used 1 1/2 yards at approximately $4/yard. The batting was $8 (i had a coupon) from Joann's Fabric and I used 2 yards.
<3 Talia

I love food! And to top it off, a great view!? Yay! Takami sushi in downtown LA. Very modern, chic, and cozy. Does that make sense? I'm not a critic. It was good to me. I loved the fusion of the food and tastes.
chef's four course meal

The view, dinner at sunset! How romantic.

View on the balcony lounge area.

<3 Talia

I've been waiting to just get this right! And finally! It looks almost perfect! Handmade. What can I say? It'll never be machine perfect! If only... Here it is. Handwoven wire ring. I could have done another color, but I was practicing for perfection and this happen to be it for me!
handwoven wire ring in silver

<3 Talia

Custom ring order. Great idea Jess. ^_^ I enjoyed making this and helping achieve what you wanted!
Heart "svu"

<3 Talia

I decided to dabble tonight.

I had the opportunity to go to a "gem faire" and although as much as I would love to blog about it with photos and such, I can't. They don't allow photography of any kind in there. There were many vendors and boy did they have things to sell! Gems!! Rocks!! All sorts of goodies!!! I didn't get to spend all the time in the world there but I came out with some stuff. Here is the first of many or.. the first of few. LOL. Enjoy.

Chain Ring Handpiece

and for its close up

<3 Talia

After making the first set of ear cuffs I figured I can make an earring! So here it is! My newest set of earring chained ear cuffs! These are cute and of course simple. I love simplicity! There is a couple more to come with the infamous "basketball wives spikes!"

I'm eggggg-cited!!! Can't wait to get the spikes to make and show you all what it'll look like.

An overview of the ear cuffs

Gold chained ear cuff with dangling gem triangle

Silver double studded chained ear cuff

gold triple chained ear cuff

<3 Talia

Couples need love too. I never really thought of making a couples necklace till someone suggested it and then I decided to make it a little different.

Instead of just straight across I figured i could make it multiple lines. Also, I could give it the appearance of chaining it to the other name.

So here it is, couples necklace chained together. You could also think of it as two names, linked my chains, love, bound to one another, your pick.

An overview

The deets

Mich & Steven

<3 Talia

Double rings are always fun, here are a few personalized double rings. These were recently made and turned out great. They are adjustable, of course so switching them to different fingers is possible.

Gold Double Ring: Madden <3

Rose Gold Double Ring: Beau <3

<3 Talia

Maybe you don't want your name to blast and you want something sweet and subtle, here is the initial rings, whether it be yours or someone else's that you adore or even love. The initial rings are super cute and easy to wear.
Sizes: adjustable
Color: gold and silver

Love and B

Love and M

Love and V
<3 Talia

I was asked if I could make ear cuffs that say things, and apparently, I can! So here they are! Names, initials, or just a cuff.

Personalized name ear cuff

Initials ear cuff

Basic ear cuff

<3 Talia

Everyone loves and hates LOVE. It's a fine line between love and hate. I love it. It goes both ways.
Here is the collection of hearts and love rings, that I've made. You can choose to show your love and hate for it by switching around the placement of your rings. You can chose to love someone one day or show you hate them the next, lol.
Sizes: all sizes vary and are adjustable so you can switch between fingers and finger placement.
Colors: gold and silver

Single heart ring

F love rings

Double hearts ring

Love ring, heart rings


I've seen it a couple times but not so much. I've been wanting to make an EKG something and at the request of a friend it was all game from there. I figured I really can now. So off I ventured.
My EKG also known as "skip a beat" necklace and ring set. I love it!
It's different from the norm that I've seen. Its points are sharper than any other ive seen and it's hammered down to have a flat look just as you would see on the monitor.
It spikes up and down as your heart does, emotions, and life.
If life didn't have ups and downs, bumps, challenges, or obstacles you might as well be dead.

These personalized rings that can be your name, specific word, or acronym. The choices are endless. The maximum letters on a single finger ring is four (4).

The ring size is adjustable from 1-3 sizes so you can switch fingers to your delight or even placement on a finger. You can turn your ring into a knuckle ring or vice versa!

Colors: gold and silver.

The article can be found HERE

It's really sad how we take things for granted. Or think less of quality unless we pay a higher prices.

Several years ago, I came across this artist who I thought was amazing. His stuff is kinda on the dark side, but his work is amazing. All the things aren't dark, but it definitely makes me wonder where he came up with this stuff and what's going on in there!!! He makes me LOL! I definitely thought that when I went through the Tim Burton Exhibit.
Check out Endling from

Hahaha..sometimes this is how I feel with my lover.

Who doesn't feel like this???

Cute right!? And.....slightly disturbing! But I love it!! (don't judge me...)

When I take photos, I tend to go trigger happy! =D it's okay! You're bound to get several good shots and sometimes that's all you need. Not only that people may not like what you chose and choose a different shot. Sometimes it sucks, but it's okay. "to each their own," right? I use different poses and shots for me and the person I shoot for choose the ones they like. Sometimes, I get to choose the ones I send to them.
I have to take just as many shots when a kid happens to be a part of the picture.
I did a shoot for my friends and their son,or should I put sun. Technically they do revolve around him. Lol.
It was a lot of fun and he was an absolutely adorable little guy.

P.S. I'm still working on poses. I think that's a work in progress, but I like it to be as natural as possible. I'm not shooting an exotic super model, although they are my super models for the day! I'll have to elaborate more on this another day.