Crafted by Talia

I hope this will help you to be able to enjoy your purchase a little more.
I was looking for a great gift for the cousins and my nephew.  Now a days with the kids wanting ipads and iphones, and anything thats over $400 its really hard to compete or afford anything like that! 

This tablet at biglots was $78!! i did what research i could before purchasing and to be honest was pretty apprehensive on the purchase.  All in all, i'm extremely happy with it.  Perhaps i had little hope for it and that's why i'm pleased, but after fiddling with it and reading up on quite a few forums, i'm getting it to do what i want, without rooting.  Even, little does my nephew know as he's testing this out and playing with it, its his.  

Its not an iPad for sure.  I didn't have to root it.  I've successfully installed amazon appstore, netflix, and youtube.  So far there is no issues with any.  Netflix doesn't have a big lag like some users i've read had and i didn't have to do that update that others had.  The amazon app i had issues with from the one downloaded through the amazon website.  At first i would log on fine, use it for 10 minutes and then after that when going back to the app after leaving it shortly i would only get a black screen, with a search bar at the top.  Nothing worked.  I then had to delete all data, then log back in.  Annoying, much?  

If you're looking for it to do just these little things, and you're not computer savvy like others.  (i've never rooted anything in my life)  Also, with rooting comes issues like jailbreaking, and i'd rather stay away from the hassle and issues i've read that others have had after rooting.  I do know that some don't have the same issues, its different with everyone.  I just get to stay away from it all.  

what i did was had to search for *.apk files of the programs but slightly older versions for the tablet.  after that everything worked perfect for me.  I did copy all files over and then install.  I am not responsible for anything that you do decide to do though, if you take my advice.  

Here are the links I used:
Amazon Appstore
Slideme Appstore - you have to unzip before you copy over.

I hope this helps anyone out there who wants to enjoy their cheap purchase to make it just that much more worth while!


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