Crafted by Talia

Whenever I feel like blasting to the world that its my baby and me, I like to wear this.  I made this double ring to show off my love.  Its similar to the initials ring, but in my opinion a little more awesome.  Enjoy.

Mich & LoLo

you and me ring, and knuckle infinite ring
20 Gauge
24k Gold Plated Copper Wire
Manufactured in the U.S.
Ring Sizes can vary

I went on a bit of spree making bracelets lately!!! Here are three bracelets I made that I absolutely love!!

1. Black chain spike bracelet.
2. Vertabracelet (lol, it looks like a spine).
3. Double wrap leather braided bulky chain bracelet.
I hope you like!!

I stopped dabbling a little because I was so consumed with life and of course... her, my little monster.
But I figured I would get the ball rolling and get back into working hard on creating new and cute accessories. I hope that you enjoy the things that I make and if you're interested in purchasing; I'll be opening up an etsy shop soon for orders. ^_^

After seeing so many different bracelets, I had to make my own. It seems fairly easy. That is until you go the extra mile.

white shamballa, black wooden beads

white bracelet, red beads.

Beads, spikes, macramé braid.

last but not least. The triple threat.