Crafted by Talia

For those of you who are taking photos of your items for sale, or for show photo quality is key.  Yes my phone is simple and convenient, but let's face it.  It doesn't cut it.  Of course I, like many are on a budget and can't bust out professional equipment or pay for someone to take my photos for me.

I've come to realize that no matter how I look at it, the jewelry I make is an extension of me, and what inspires me is what makes the jewelry I make, what it is today. 

I love simplicity. No matter what I do, I seem to be simplistic. Even if I try to go outside my boundaries, I'm pretty simple. From the makeup, the clothes and the jewelry I wear.  If you're like this, it's okay! If you don't ever accessorize and want to but not too sure on what or how, I've definitely been there before. My style is still simple but what and how you accessorize can change that.  The jewelry I make is simple or the other thing I like, has an edge to it.   

For the day. Black jeans, white tank top, black blazer, and flats.  I have a two year old I have to chase around!!!  Heels during the day is completely out of the question with this one, but that doesn't mean I can't dress stylish or cute!

I'm wearing the following pieces made by me (selling on my etsy) 
which is also featured on Joann's blog in her post "Steal vs. Splurge"