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For those of you who are taking photos of your items for sale, or for show photo quality is key.  Yes my phone is simple and convenient, but let's face it.  It doesn't cut it.  Of course I, like many are on a budget and can't bust out professional equipment or pay for someone to take my photos for me.
So, if you're looking for an affordable fix for your photos! This is it! A DIY photo light box! The deets are below.

Things you need:
1. 4-5 pieces of copy paper
2. tape
3. small cardboard box
4. scissors and/or box cutter
5. a desk lamp
6. your camera (of course) I have a dslr but if you don't, thats okay! I'll demo with both. =D

Take the small cardboard box and cut a square whole on both sides and the top. So you'll have three holes.  You will not cut a hole in the back or the bottom of the box.  When you've completed cutting the wholes, you will then measure the wholes, then taking the copy paper cut them to size to cover the wholes on both sides and the top, taping them on the inside.

I started out with the outside but having it on the inside provides more of a light reflector.
The wholes on the sides allows light to flow in providing more light source and the paper diffuses the light.

Take the last sheet and place it inside, toward the back and letting it fall down.  Do not crease it at the bottom, let it flow (the effect it gives in the photo looks much nicer and clean).  Tape it at the top so it stays put.
This is what it looks like when it is complete

Now take your desk lamp and let it shine from the top of the box through the paper.
You can use you're camera with the flash if you don't have enough lighting, but if you have plenty of natural lighting to fill the box then you may use it without the flash.

This is how my photo turned out without the flash and just natural light. 
I wanted to show you the full photo, but I'll also crop it.
LOL, My daughter's crayons were near by so i grabbed them.

This is with the flash.  

Here it is cropped

Voila! You have a beautiful turnout of a photo for your products!


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