Crafted by Talia

When I take photos, I tend to go trigger happy! =D it's okay! You're bound to get several good shots and sometimes that's all you need. Not only that people may not like what you chose and choose a different shot. Sometimes it sucks, but it's okay. "to each their own," right? I use different poses and shots for me and the person I shoot for choose the ones they like. Sometimes, I get to choose the ones I send to them.
I have to take just as many shots when a kid happens to be a part of the picture.
I did a shoot for my friends and their son,or should I put sun. Technically they do revolve around him. Lol.
It was a lot of fun and he was an absolutely adorable little guy.

P.S. I'm still working on poses. I think that's a work in progress, but I like it to be as natural as possible. I'm not shooting an exotic super model, although they are my super models for the day! I'll have to elaborate more on this another day.


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