Crafted by Talia

I've been so hesitant, petrified, worried, afraid, you name it, I AM IT. lol but I knew that I should one day start.  So here it is, I finally started and ....

with my first item available.  LOL, I need to work on the other posts of everything I have. Its more work than I could ever have imagined!

The post is on my Sutura Ring.  ^_^ a sutured heart for the unbroken heart.  For those who have healed from a loved one, by someone new! a shown appreciation for what we all think is the impossible to be proven wrong that it is possible to mend a broken heart.  To love again, once more, and more than we could ever imagine.

Sutura Ring

Ring can be worn normally or as a knuckle ring.

Ring Deets:
Gold Plated Copper Wire manufactured in America
Ring Sizes: Vary

Interested in the Sutura Ring??


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