Crafted by Talia

Love preview was a hit! There were so many amazing and creative vendors that attended one if which who hosted. Victoria of Serum No5. She did a wonderful job on the event.  There were so many great vendors that I'm so sad I didn't get a chance to do my own review and photos of everyone! I licked out because my sister did take photos of my booth, otherwise I would have ended up with none!  So thank you so much sister! However, I'm a klutz and didn't get photos of the gorgeous model that showcased my jewelry!! (I know!!!) 

Here was the coverage for my table.

That's as much as I got for my booth. 

It's so great to have wonderful friends who come out to support you.  Thank you guys!

Doing custom orders on the spot for my wonderful customers. 

Working hard!

Got a picture with the amazing person who hosted this all and Viv from Papers and Peonies

A special thanks to my sister who helped me through the entire event. I would have probably died if she wasn't there. Lol. 


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