Crafted by Talia

When I thought of monograms, I knew initials, but I came across a custom monogram I just had to try.  Which is the definition of monograms, combining two or more initials to create one symbol.  It's funny because when you do that with the initials of loved ones, you create a family.  Whether it be two loved ones about to wed; husband and wife with their children; mothers and their children; or even the best of friends.  Its an unbreakable bond, a unique symbol to represent you as a whole.  This was my first shot at a custom monogram for Tracy, that included the initials of herself, C, J, and D.  It was so great to be able to be a part of something so special in creating this piece.  I hope to be able to make much more!

Here are some pieces that I have made.
love "B"

 love "M"


upper and lowercase "A"

Happy Friday Everyone!


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